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Applecross Townhomes

Conveniently located off Cary Parkway
between Lake Pine and Old Apex Rd.


Applecross Social,Archictectural and Beautification Committees
If you are interested in being part of any of these Committees please email us @ All interested owners are encouraged to apply.

HOA Management
Applecross is managed by Community Association Services,Inc. Any and all issues related to landscaping, maintenance of exterior building surfaces, Rules and Regulations/Covenant violations should be directed to Dan Quartermane

A new playground is tentatively scheduled for completion (weather permitting) prior to Memorial Day 2014.

Building Painting
All 149 townhomes in Applecross have been repaired/painted over the course of 2010,2011 and 2012. Please see the Paint and roof Schedulefor future dates. Please notify Dan Quartermane of any paint related problems ASAP. The painting is covered by a 3 year warranty.

Deck repair and sealing
During the course of 2013 the rear decks were repaired and sealed throughout the community.

The Applecross HOA contracted with a new Landscape contractor on May 1, 2013, Bland Landscaping. Our community should see some immediate improvement and the landscaping should continue to improve as time progresses. Please understand the Rules and Regulations/Covenants do not allow for individual unit owners to engage in any landscaping without first getting permission via the Landscape Request form. Remember the land in front of the structure of the townhomes is owned collectively not individually.

Rules and Regulations
Please be aware that although the Applecross Rules and Regulations may not have been enforced in the past they are being enforced now. They are important to maintaining and improving the neighborhood for the sake of those living here and those selling.

Owner repairs/modifications may require HOA approval
Every owner is responsible for all repairs to the interior of their unit as well as their foundation, windows, doors, exterior electical outlets and fixtures, water lines and electrical lines within the foundation walls, exterior hose bibs and the entire heating/cooling system. No owner or agent of the owner is allowed to engage in any repairs, without consent of the HOA, which will modify,add or remove any portion of the townhomes "exterior building surfaces" including the entire deck structure. This is a direct violation of Article 9 of the Covenants. If the "exterior building surfaces" of the townhome or deck are not being impacted when making repairs/modifications consent is not necessary. If there is doubt please request approval beforehand via the Architectual Request form.

HOA Dispute Mediation
Please see the Notice of right to voluntary mediation for North Carolina General Statutes guidelines for dispute Mediation.

Homeowners Insurance
Every owner is responsible for their own homeowners insurance. The HOA is not responsible for any damage, including exterior, related to negligent acts of the owner,tenant or guests, fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, explosion, riot, civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles or smoke. Please refer to Article 7 of the Covenants

Pets are required to be in an area that is fenced and designated for pets (such as a dog park) or on leash with their owner when they are outside of your home. This not only helps with control of stray animals but also keeps our pets safe. It is also required that we clean up after our pets. The mess your dog makes should not be imposed on your neighbor.
If you have lost an animal or have a complaint about a “nuisance” animal call the Animal Control office at 319-4517 and provide a description and the last known location of the animal. If you find a stray animal, you should report it immediately to the Animal Control division so that the owner can be located promptly. In some cases, those that find/report lost animals may hold onto them if they desire until an owner is located.
The shelter to look for lost pets in Cary is the Wake County Animal Care, Control & Adoption Center, which is located off of New Bern Ave. in Raleigh. Either call for more information at 212-7387 or visit their website at

Board Members Email
The Applecross Board members can collectively be emailed at . Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions/concerns.

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